The Plant Seekers Border by Sarah Price

The Long Border
The Long Border

The Garden Museum’s new exhibition The Plant Seekers brings to life the thrilling stories of some of history’s most fanatical plant-hunting adventurers. Plant hunting has dramatically influenced modern British gardens and has had a wider impact on our world, from its influence in medicine and science, to the role it has played in biodiversity and other environmental issues.
Taking the exhibition as her inspiration the Garden Museum’s Horticultural Advisor, Sarah Price, has devised a planting scheme inspired by natural scenes of wonder that are typically reserved for plant explorers in remote parts of the world. Drawn from regions in the Southern hemisphere, mostly South Africa, the plants highlight the importance of conserving biodiverse habitats from around the world.
One recent discovery planted in the Long Border is yet to be named – it originates from South Africa and is part of the Kniphofia genus. We are waiting excitedly to see what floriferous display this mysterious plant delivers.
We discuss a few of the highlights of the border over the next few pages.  It's a beautiful border and well worth a visit.
The Plant Seekers  exhibition iis open until Sunday 21st October 2012. Members of the RHS with a valid membership card will receive half price entry to the exhibition. There is a look up guide with information on more of the plants in the Long Border available at the front desk.  You can read about the exhibition here.