Giardino Giusti.

  These gardens were laid out in 1580, and are some of the best Renaissance gardens in Europe.

A Camellia near the Roman Amphitheater.
The park outside the Roman Amphitheater
This balcony is the mythical site of Romeo and Juliet’s balcony. The paper on the walls are love notes stuck to the walls with chewing gum.

More love notes.
Finally to Giardino Giusti, this is the entrance courtyard off an unassuming side street.
Cupressus sempervirens line garden walks.

A view back toward the entrance.
A look back down on the garden.
A view across the gardens to Verona.

Statues in the garden
The overlook above is guarded by this mythical creature.
A fountain in the garden.

Antique orchard ladder
One of the gardeners on a break.
The gardeners lunch room.