Chaumont-sur-Loire - 2012 Garden Festival

Every year since 1992, the gardens of chateau Chaumont-sur-Loire play host to the annual ‘Festival des Jardins’, a garden festival with up to 30 themed gardens. These gardens are created by different landscape architects, designers and artists around a theme, which changes every year. This brings the chateau surroundings to life with the colour and fragrances of the many plants and flowers on display. It also promotes nursery projects and lets both the public and trade see new ideas on the use of colour and materials in flower and garden displays. Due to its continued quality and success the garden festival has gained an international reputation with visitors coming from every corner of the globe. Chaumont chateau from the garden festival

Chaumont garden festival 2011
From over 300 proposals 20 to 30 gardens are selected for inclusion in the festival. Included were contributions from the UK, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. The displays are also illuminated under the 'Gardens of Light' theme allowing  visitors the chance to explore the gardens by night. The chateau is also enhanced by the glow of over 2000 candles (10pm 1st July - 30th August)