Chamaecyparis obtusa


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Japanese cypress bonsai 'Nana Gracilis' (Chamaecyparis obtusa bonsai 'Nana Gracilis')
This rotund dwarf conifer is not much taller than it is wide. The foliage is dark green with a pale, almost golden, edge. The leaves are held in luxuriant whorls and appear almost as though sculpted. It is extremely slow growing and can look tiny and a little lost until it gets established. Remember not to swamp it with taller plants in its first years. It prefers acidic soil though it can tolerate neutral conditions. It will reach around 1.5m (5ft) in height. Spread 80cm, hardiness - fully hardy

Scots Pine bonsai 'Watereri' (Pinus sylvestris bonsai 'Watereri')
It is rather rare, semi-dwarf tree with very dense short bluish needles, which grow into a bonsai-like dome on twisted branches. It will eventually grow quite large at maturity.
Grow in free-draining soil in any sunny aspect.
Suggested uses:
Architectural, Coastal, Drought Tolerant, Low Maintenance, Foliage only, Hedging/Screens, Wildlife, Woodland
Soil types:
Chalky, Clay, Loamy, Sandy (will tolerate most soil types)
Soil drainage:
Soil pH:
Acid, Alkaline, Neutral
Full Sun
South, East, West
Exposed or Sheltered
Chinese Juniper bonsai 'Hetzii' (Juniperus chinensis bonsai 'Hetzii')
Outstanding, evergreen shrub with dense, upright branches clothed in sharply pointed needles. Depending on variety, works well as a ground cover, hedge, screen or windbreak. Requires little maintenance. Very tough plant. It grows 5 to 7 feet high. It is semi-erect with light blue foliage.Tolerates deer, drought, heat & humidity, pollution, rabbits, seashore, slope, wind
Light Range:Part Shade to Full Sun
pH Range: 5.5 to 8
Soil Range: Mostly Sand to Some Clay
Water Range:Semi-Arid to Moist 

Japanese White Pine bonsai (Pinus parviflora bonsai)
If you want a strikingly beautiful bonsai the Japanese White Pine is it. This dense tree can grow upwards to 50-foot tall in the wild but when trained, it becomes a magnificent bonsai. The Japanese White Pine is irregularly shaped. It has a wonderful spread and broad but flattened canopy. The needles of this tree are twisted and stiff with blue/green tufts on the tips. Considered a classic bonsai, the Japanese White Pine is beautiful, hardy, and a perfect choice for both beginners and advanced bonsai growers.