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Green Roof, Living Roofs
A roof garden or ‘green roof’ is a flat or pitched roof surface that is planted using a growing medium over a waterproof membrane. Not only does a flourishing roof garden enhance the overall aesthetic, green roofs also improve a building’s environmental performance, thermal insulation and climate responsiveness.
We have a track record of installing over 55,000 square metres of beautiful and sustainable green roofs.

Triple bottom line benefits


  • Improved property value
  • Helps gain building green-star ratings
  • Reduced building energy costs
  • Improved marketability of building
  • Enhanced solar energy performance
  • Create cooler cities by acting as heat sinks
  • Delays storm water run-off
  • Provides filtered rainwater
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Sustainable habitats for birds & insects
  • Acoustic insulation for occupants
  • Creates areas for public space, providing value for residents, workers and visitors
  • Improves vistas for neighbourhoods
  • Enhanced human living by greening urban areas
  • Brings nature back into urban life
  • Aesthetic beauty in the built environment