About Zen Garden Designs

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About Zen Garden Designs
Unlike Western gardens that are full of plants and maybe a pathway, Zen gardens are simplistic and reflect Asian philosophies of the Buddhists, Shinto and Zen. Many ancient principles are applied in creating the Zen garden.
  1. Balance

    • Every Zen garden must have balance. Movement is complemented by stillness. Life is complemented with stone.


    • Zen gardens are simplistic in their design. A few plants and well-placed stone features are all that are required.


    • Gravel raked into a pattern
      The Zen garden contains soil or gravel that is raked into a pattern. This gives the garden movement and can represent water.


    • Few plants are required. Cherry trees, Chinese maples, grasses and moss are the most common. Plantings are designed to show the change of the seasons.



    • The Zen garden is a place to reflect and meditate. It's a place to find inner calmness and peace.

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